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Dragon Ball Super TCG: Power Absorbed Collector's Booster Box

Dragon Ball Super TCG: Power Absorbed Collector's Booster Box

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Experience a collection of 36 unique and exclusive cards, each featuring original illustrations and specially-designed card frames. Saiyans and Androids both receive distinct and exclusive designs, ensuring their inclusion in any avid collector's set. The pack includes only foiled cards or better, with 2 guaranteed Alt-Art designs featuring exclusive illustrations. Look out for the 33 Holoversion Alt-Art cards, boasting super-premium golden and silver foiled designs. In addition, the B20 Collector's Booster features 3 SCR cards with unique Alt-Art designs. Don't forget to admire DBSCG's first-ever unique hologram card. And as a bonus, every purchase includes a double-sided holo B20 Leader Card, making this collection a must-have for any enthusiast.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of this product, we aren't able to keep it at MSRP ($399) like we keep everything at since we've acquired these after prices went up. To combat this, we've decided to mark it at the lowest sustainable amount possible. You will find our $500 tag ultra competitive and the cheapest around as these boxes fetch $650 commonly, and even rise up into the high $800s. We apologize for not being able to sell less than that.

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