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Force of Will - Battle For Attoractia Booster Pack

Force of Will - Battle For Attoractia Booster Pack

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In this installment, Alice's epic confrontation with Lapis in the battle for Attoractia, the realm of the Seven Kings, culminates. Yet, has she truly mastered the darkness within her? Can she emerge victorious against a foe who has seized control of her homeland? Meanwhile, the Glorians valiantly protect their territory from the encroaching shadows, as their slumbering princess at last stands by their side.

In the Sissei forests, Pricia emerges victorious, her vengeance fulfilled. However, the haunting echo of Valentina's voice persists in her mind... As the world unravels, folding into itself, the recollections of fallen heroes resurface. The concluding chapter approaches; do Alice and Kaguya hold the key to salvaging their realm?


It contains 105 cards:

  • 11 Super Rares
  • 28 Rares
  • 22 Uncommons
  • 39 Commons
  • 5 J/Rulers
  • 5 Magic Stones
  • 6 Uber Rares
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