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Weebs of the Shore

Grand Archive TCG: Fractured Crown Sealed Kit

Grand Archive TCG: Fractured Crown Sealed Kit

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The Fractured Crown Sealed Kit is an exciting offering that includes four packs of DOA Alter and four packs of FTC. It also features a sealed event pack that comprises all the regular lineage champions along with eight pre-selected cards to enhance deck construction. Notably, the sealed event pack showcases two special cards: the Prismatic Spirit, which empowers you to select two basic elements from Fire, Water, and Wind, and the Gate of Alterity, allowing you to unlock an additional class. Please note that the Prismatic Spirit and Gate of Alterity are not eligible for the Standard format.

Product Contains: 
4x packs of DOA Alter
4x packs of FTC 
1x 26 card sealed event pack

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