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HeroClix - Avengers/Fantastic Four Empyre Miniatures Game

HeroClix - Avengers/Fantastic Four Empyre Miniatures Game

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Explore the exhilarating HeroClix miniature game, drawing inspiration from the monumental Empyre event. Harness the might of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, X-Men, and beyond!

Embark on up to 8 enthralling campaign scenarios designed for 2 players, where each session's result shapes the next. Alternatively, dive into a head-to-head showdown of sheer strength! Explore 10 exquisite pre-made figures that bring numerous gameplay options to the table, unlocking boundless possibilities.

Perfect for those new to the realm of miniatures, this game offers a fantastic starting point. The map pieces are made of sturdy, double-sided tiles, and the box contains all you require to begin your epic adventure!

This miniatures game contains everything 2 people need to play HeroClix:

  • A rich multi-session campaign for 2 players that pivots and turns based on the results of the last session
  • 10 Premium Quality Pre-Painted Miniatures each with TWO ways to play for beginner or advanced play
  • 20 Character Cards
  • 18 Object, Terrain, and Bystander tokens
  • 6 Double-Sided Thick Map Tiles. No folds!
  • 2 Custom Avengers/Fantastic Four six-sided dice
  • 2 Full-color Powers and Abilities Cards (2021 edition)
  • 1 Full-Color HeroClix Core Rulebook (2021 edition)

This boxed set offers a fantastic chance for two players to explore the HeroClix universe! Veteran players will definitely appreciate acquiring this product, as it includes figures perfect for tournaments and captivating scenario gameplay.

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