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HeroClix Civil War Organized Play Support Pack

HeroClix Civil War Organized Play Support Pack

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The Marvel Universe is divided by the Superhuman Registration Act, and you have a chance to choose a side in Marvel HeroClix: Civil War. This four-month Storyline Organized Play event series brought together HeroClix players from around the globe to fight alongside Iron Man and Pro-Registration heroes or with Captain America and his Anti-Registration forces.

The Marvel HeroClix: Civil War Support Pack includes:

  • Two limited edition foil packs
  • One of two double-sided maps at random (these maps are designed for Battle Royales; for up to 4 players, where you use the starting zone in each corner of the map as opposed to each side. If normal play, use normal starting zone as usual)
  • And eight of twelve bounty cards (four Pro-registration [Red] and four Anti-registration [Blue]) at random to make your games as epic as the movie!
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