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HeroClix Earth X Starter Set

HeroClix Earth X Starter Set

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The Earth X Starter Set offers an exciting ensemble of three formidable villains and three iconic heroes from the captivating realm of Earth X. Whether you seek to mastermind your adversaries with the cunning of Spiders-Man or impart your allies with the noble teachings of Great Responsibility, this Starter Set caters to your desires. For the very first time in Marvel HeroClix, you will have the opportunity to leverage location maps to your advantage.

In addition to these six extraordinary figures, the Starter Set provides players with all the necessary tools to embark on their HeroClix journey. From the meticulously crafted figures to the comprehensive Heroclix Rulebook, a double-sided Map, a Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), Object tokens, terrain tokens, dice, and character cards – everything is included. Acquire this extraordinary Starter Set today to commence your HeroClix adventure or enhance your expanding collection.

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