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HeroClix Future Foundation Play at Home Kit

HeroClix Future Foundation Play at Home Kit

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Introducing the exciting "Play at Home" kits, specially crafted to grant everyone an opportunity to acquire an exclusive Invisible Woman promotional figure, commemorating the release of the Fantastic Four Future Foundation set.

This particular version of Susan Storm hails from the captivating pages of Ultimates! She serves as an exceptional support piece for any Fantastic Four or Ultimates team, making her an unmissable addition to your collection!

Not only does this kit include the remarkable figure, but it also features a double-sided map with individually labeled squares, designed to facilitate remote play of HeroClix. If both players possess the same map from the Play at Home kit, they can effortlessly set up their own game and follow along while engaging in thrilling battles.

Unlike Release Day OP kits, this SKU is available for individual purchase by anyone, ensuring accessibility to all who desire it.

Play at Home Kit Contents:

  • One (1) Limited Edition Invisible Woman HeroClix Figure with Character Card
  • One (1) Double-Sided 24” x 36” Map
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