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HeroClix Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Brick

HeroClix Wonder Woman 80th Anniversary Booster Brick

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Celebrate Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary with an incredible lineup of Captains and Sidekicks, totaling over 15 characters! This set showcases the mighty female heroes from DC Comics, including Mary Shazam, Star Sapphire, Teen Lantern, Jessica Cruz, and Supergirl.

Prepare to be amazed by the IMPROVED DETAIL AND PAINT JOBS of these figures! Every rarity level features a revamped look with enhanced sculpts, more accessories, stunning energy effects, and dynamic poses. Circe and King Shazam have never looked more impressive! These exquisite sculpts are truly unmissable.

Each booster pack contains 5 pre-painted figures, and select boosters come with bonus equipment-objects like Wonder Woman's Bracelets, the Lasso of Truth, or Lantern Constructs. These additions will elevate your HeroClix team to new heights!

With over 80 figures and equipment to collect, including 12 Chase figures, this HeroClix set promises to be one of the most thrilling collections to date. It's the perfect choice for beginners too, as many Common and Uncommon figures offer straightforward play that can be enhanced with other characters for even more powerful strategies!

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