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HeroClix WWE Series #1 Expansion Pack

HeroClix WWE Series #1 Expansion Pack

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Experience the electrifying collision of WWE Superstars and the HeroClix Tabletop like never before! Get ready to unleash the power of your beloved WWE Superstars in your next HeroClix game, taking it to a whole new level! Assemble your dream team of legendary WWE icons such as the legendary "Macho Man" Randy Savage and the iconic Andre the Giant, or opt for a modern lineup featuring today's superstars like the phenomenal AJ Styles and the extraordinary Finn Bálor. Engage in epic battles with your friends and reign victorious as the ultimate champion!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of WWE HeroClix, where veteran players will discover a fresh twist and newcomers will revel in the rich thematic gameplay. Brace yourself for the never-before-seen PAC Powers, tailor-made for the WWE universe, adding an exhilarating dimension to your gameplay!

Relive the legendary rivalries of the past, from the fierce Asuka versus Charlotte Flair clashes to the unforgettable showdowns of The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin during the iconic Attitude Era. The tabletop becomes your stage to recreate these historic moments!

Start building your collection of WWE HeroClix figures today! With each figure sold separately, you can easily assemble your dream lineup of favorites. Embark on an extraordinary adventure where wrestling passion meets strategic gameplay!

*Starter Set required to play

All WWE HeroClix are legal for modern play and 100% Compatible with existing HeroClix!

Each Expansion Pack Contains*:

  • 1 WWE HeroClix figure
  • 1 WWE HeroClix character card
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