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Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition

Sheriff of Nottingham 2nd Edition

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The dynamic and bustling market in Nottingham, brimming with goods from across the kingdom, offers an exhilarating experience. However, vigilant Prince John seeks to ensure the absence of any contraband. Entrusting this task to the astute Sheriff, Prince John aims to uncover illicit goods, although the Sheriff may be tempted to turn a blind eye for a bribe. Which merchant will skillfully pass through the inspections and maximize their profits at the market stalls? In the eagerly anticipated 2nd Edition of Sheriff of Nottingham, players immerse themselves in the thrilling roles of both the Sheriff, diligently seeking contraband goods, and the ambitious Merchants, strategically stocking their stalls with top-quality goods. The Sheriff's authority allows them to inspect any bag, but caution must prevail, as falsely accusing Merchants carries a penalty. This new edition features updated rules and captivating expansions, including the 6th Merchant, Black Market, and Sheriff's Deputies.
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